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I had the opportunity to catch up with French experimental artist Zarbsong for the below interview.  You may remember Zarbsong for the previous review I did on his Artistserver/Scloud/Rnation upload FX CREATION, which I described as follows: 

"Make no mistake this is a very original well paced and intelligently laced drum and bass tune that takes you on an adventure diving and detouring just when you think you know what to expect."

To my surprise he has only been making music for six years long. His English destroys my french - Echante! - (I just came back from Brussels and am learning french at the moment).

In this catch up interview he diligently shares his views: what is good to look for in the many competing online music upload sites, the latest Star Trek movie, 70's synths, the future of Drum and Bass, photography skills and much more.


RB:  Hello nice to speak to you and thank you for doing this interview.
Can I ask you, what your name Zarbsong means?

ZS: Yes, good question. How to say... In France it is common to use the word "Zarb" in the popular language (slang) to define what is strange. So simply put, it means "strange sounds."

RB:  I found you on Artistserver this year but your track FX CREATION on your website is from 2008, what brought you to Artistsrever?

ZS: On the Web, I usually try to share my music with as many people as possible to publish on different social networks and community sites available for this purpose. With Artistserver as with many others, it is possible to register for free, to share our music, offers to download and chat with other members... This is exactly what I want.



RB:  You have your music on Youtube, Soundcloud as well as your own website. Can you explain to me which music upload website you find the most beneficial to your music and why?

ZS : It is not easy to answer this question. there is good and bad in all of them. The advantage of SoundCloud or YouTube can be that you can easily share your player on networks like Facebook. It is therefore my opinion better to use all the benefits and advantages of each.

In addition, there is a risk to be present on just one site. In the past, we have seen the end of myspace (many have lost a lot of fans and people because they were only on this site) Otherwise, the benefit brought to the music by this kind of web site is simple, it is a great tool to share and discover that music in the world... That's great

RB:  What hopes do you have on the future of independent online music upload sites like Artistserver and Soundcloud?  For example will they get more mainstream recognition?

ZS: The future of independent music... that is the question! I would say that indeed dedicated website to download certainly have a great future ahead of them and will certainly continue to grow.

I think this is an important advantage for independent music, because this one has always been ignored by the traditional media (in France anyway) and this kind of website provides an opportunity for communication and promotion of our day , the web took over and became a major media and especially a free media.

This is obviously an opportunity for independent music.  In addition, surfing the web, people discover things by accident which would not have necessarily been seen, and it awakens their curiosity which is a very good thing for emerging and alternative cultures.

RB: Your track FX CREATION is very subtle in the way it changes moods within a moment. How long have you been making music?

ZS: I started to make Electronic music in the end of 2007 to around October, November if I recall well. Before that, I knew absolutely nothing about music production. 

RB: The leader of the Prodigy (Liam Howlett) once said he makes music to shock people. I found your sounds are very precise, hypnotic, and a little creepy.  Every sound seems in place for a reason.  Are you making a social/artistic statement through your music?

What do you hope to achieve by your music on the online independent artists community? Sorry two questions in one. LOL.

ZS: Very very good question. For the artistic process, I will simply say that it would be beneficial for the culture of setting a limit to creativity. When learning artistic disciplines (music and others also) for example, I find it incredible that we dare talk about rules or how to make precise. It is an absolute nonsense. How can there be limits to creativity...

For me, it's learning should be limited to teaching the basics of the discipline to give everyone the tools needed to start. Then everyone had to use as it sees fit in its inspiration.

There is no right or wrong way to create, it's ridiculous and yet it is the idea and operation of many music school. Socially, I would say that the world in which we find ourselves is sometimes creepy. But it is not obvious to speak about it with music that doesn't contain speech (or words).

But it is possible with video. Which is why some of my videos evoke a post-apocalyptic world. These days, with the problem of economic crisis, ecology, politics, and many others, it seems essential to consider our future. 

RB: Your website says you make experimental music, are you achieving what you set out to achieve as an independent artist?

ZS: I am my desires, my inspiration. You have to take life as it comes and enjoy what she offers. On my website I said, i make to the experimental music ... yes, I think it's a great way to not lock in specific style.

Tres Bien, Tres Bien. That's all we got time and space for now.  The remaining eight questions on subjects such as will follow shortly.  Salut!

Rae Burnz

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