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"If you could see but were always taught."

A saint once said the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  For some artists - as we have seen with Jay Z - the road to financial independence is paved with hardwork, timely collaborations and most importantly; a dark sacrifice.

If you want to know what his dark sacrifice was ask Dame Dash or read Decoded.  But this isn't about him. This is about someone else, someone who represents something else entirely, but like him also made a dark sacrifice or life-affecting decision to get to become what they are.   

Take inspiration if you please from this artists path to fame, and the success they got. 

Clue: Petit, Atheist, and very very flashy. 


Brief bio not in their words:

My view towards arts and music from day one has always been to do it yourself.

I moved several times through the US of A due to my Dad's line of work.

In one of these states my Mother took me to a speech by Gloria Steinem.

I took up feminism by the age of 9.

I decided to have an abortion at the age of 15. This drastically changed my worldview and everything that I have done since. 

I went to college to study photography.  While there contrary or complimentary to my views and needs I worked as a stripper to support myself.

"Your world has taught me nothing."

My first experience with authoritarian censorship was while in college when I set-up a photo exhibition that dealt with issues such as sexism, AIDS, and domestic violence.  All photos were taken down.

I used to participate in spoken word performances that dealt with above mentioned issues.

I would later volunteer two years of my life towards this organization.

In my impressionable years while I was still a spoken-wordsmith, my role model approached me to tell me that no one listens to spoken word anymore and that if I wanted to be heard I should get a band. I took her advice.

My role model who I followed once said: "I think it's really important to find out why people hurt you or try to oppose you or whatever."

I would use my skills from photography to collaborate with other like-minded bands at the time to form a punk zine that taught readers how to play music and put on shows. No! I am not Peaches.

guessed who I am yet?
Could you believe I use to be a teacher?

If I take off this mask, would I be a Tamil Tiger POW?

My magazine work was considered by critics to be a call to action, or second wave. I was before M.I.A

I was responsible for the incident which led to the title of the generation defining anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' by Nirvana.

In 1992 while many believed that Pop music would eat itself, I in front of thousands performed with the campaign banner in full broadcast view with the message to the then youth: 'TO KILL YOUR TV.'

I have been in three bands and have had four different music incarnations 

My band later disbanded but I still had dreams of working with a sampler and an 808, after all as Beastie Boys said on Super Disco Breaks: 'nothing sounds better.'

I have taught art at NYU grad school.

I am affiliated with a beastie.

My music inspired Pussy Riot, and their riot-act that one of my former band members called the most important band of 2012.

My videos of yesteryear are all on youtube, yet people still come up to me to know how it felt like to live at that time (early nineties), thinking what I thought and doing the things I did.

Art by Deviant ANTM

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