Thursday, 7 March 2013


I give it to Soundcloud for immediately embedding a genre or sub-division for ghetto-tech southern rap edm or whatever fusion you would want to classify as 'Trap'

Unfortunately I didn't see this category of dance music in either the instrumental section on or the hip-hop off-shoots on Artistserver nor PureVolume or Reverbnation. I think I will probably fare no better on the newly revamped for music purposes myspace.

If you want to know about this evil, but addictive club clanging sub-genre look to features by these guys at topman generation, or see how pitchfork reviewed gucci mane's - trap god - album here.

As for me these are 10 random tracks on the hot list I came across, one even has as much as 14000 listens already. Others are remixes of Harlem Shake (gotta get your 2 cents worth right).

This could actually be one of the emerging scenes that carries more weight and definition from what unsigned artist do with it creatively than the established signed artist do.  Nonetheless let's thank Diplo, Gucci, T.I, Timbaland, and to some extent for paving way towards this fusion.

5 # (This one is the most vocal of the lot by DJ NAPSTY)

4# (One of the many Trap melodies that self-proclaimed TRAP MUSIC.NET have uploaded, if sample cd's were still big....):

3# (self-classified with the tag of baile-trap, hmmm, lazily remixed by BONDE DE ROLE but there is a correlation between the two genres somewhere in there):

2#(Shares syths reminiscent of Moby's Go or Timabaland's JT mixes, 90'ish vocals by KEYS N KRATES):

1# (Ok this track by - LUZCID- isn't exactly a track but more of a set, all hail, it examplifies all that you can do with Trap):


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