Saturday, 9 March 2013


In order of my preference and with no consideration to number of plays, and downloads.

#5  ( Laptop sounding dubstep dragging Prodigy Always Outnumbered metallic crispy, and phaserish track by IMAGIN8): 
Number of Downloads: 0 (as of March 2013)
Public Plays: 286
Favourites: 26  

4# (Self-classified as Dubstep/Trap, and the Dubstep bass is literally in your face in this 1 minute sampler loop by ARIORK):
Number of Downloads: 0 (as of March 2013)
Public Plays: 245

3# ( Why would Usher eat his heart out to this hoover bass, happy-hardcore vocal and stabbing track by YOUNG MUSH):
Number of Downloads: 240(as of March 2013)
Public Plays: 1511

2# (Good way to introduce Trap to Ibiza? by ALEXBUSTAMOVE):
Number of Downloads: 1(as of March 2013)
Public Plays: 851
Favourites: 41

1#( Stabs galore in this, and bomfunk MC's freestyler cutups and phasers by HUNNID):
Number of Downloads: 9(as of March 2013)
Public Plays: 1261

Did you find out anything new about this EDM phenomenon? 

Did you hear anything here distinct that you couldn't hear in already established dance genres?

Can you now say 'I know what Trap music is?'

 After these ten tracks mostly defined and categorized by people like us, I hope you are now better initiated with what Trap is about.  If not just check this:

And if you think I was being unfair to HUNNID's IM BOUT IT, then listen to the stabs in this:

Rae Burnz

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