Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Whose style is similar to this?

Whose style is similar to this?

First thing is first, please do not think of any track on Chemical Brothers 1998 album Surrender. Ok with that now out of the way, I will be hoping to take this one with a more open mind.

I will be writing an article on the task of the unsigned artist to out-do their idols. That is develop their craft to such an extent that they would no longer need to hide behind or use their established musicians as their reference point or identity.

This week I came across a track by an unsigned artist who pretty much covers a lot of bases in the ‘electronica’ world. I listen to this track and I can’t quite put my finger as to who ‘out there that has made it’ it sounds like.  The artist is called Uncle Reg. And I will listen to more tracks by them to get a feel of their identity or influences.


Whose style is similar to this?

Haunt Me Now. 

An instrumental piece that goes on for less than six minutes but never feels like it overstayed it’s welcome. 

Ambience-wise it can be likened to the finishing of a post-rave 90’s film –  an come down or the kind of track you would find somewhere in an MTV-2 or M2 playlist.
It starts with a loud and mid to high range frequency covering drone that spans four bars. Along the way it picks up delayed jangles that feel like wallpaper glistening reflections in a rusty and wide underground tunnel. 

There is a melody as there is harmony between four distinct sounds happening at any one time. One picks off where the other finishes still carrying and longing, longing for acceptance?
Then there is the piano break, accompanied by warbles and knocks of all kinds.
Amidst the chunky snares – big beat style, and good down-tempo there is a whiny instrument that I can’t quite place but provides the main emotion in this track.
This track was quite high in the artist server charts for the week commencing February 25th 2013.
I looked further on the song page, and it says it was made by a 60’s organ,  and a fiddle.


Rae Burnz 2013

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