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~Limitless...Freeverse Edge Living Approach To Life~

DEEP DEEP INSIDE those eyes...hmmmm


“Don’t sleep on it/cos im always on my grind/ no one could do it...(better?)me cos im one of a kind”... Deep inside by Skyrider Fantasy Band


SQUAREPUSHER once said he became what he is because he couldn’t find anyone else out there on the same wavelengths to compliment the band parts he would need to become his idealised band.  So he had to become his own band, improvise, do everything specialist would do, and the result was? Hard normal daddy, beep street etc

With SKYRIDER F.B. you get the feeling of the same intentions to improvise the music industry but titled to 90 degrees.  Whereas SQUAREPUSHER settled for doing all himself, Arthur Husk, the brains behind SKYRIDER - in the spirit of TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND  - is willing to collaborate vocally and perhaps instrumentally. His mission statement reads as this:

“We write, record and publish music of all genres in collaboration with other various artists from all over the world.”

And I think on this particular track DEEPINSIDE  we have the guest visit of Maggie Wertimer to be grateful for. 

Currently the track is in the TOP 100 on, among their other submissions in the last month, as the band SKYRIDER are actually a fantasy band.  Fantasy in the way they could mix rap vocals crisply at one moment, but then jump to four by four in-house dancefloor grooves the next.  Is that genre chart-topper seeking or a band that is ‘open-minded’ to recreate what it is they like to hear from the industry?  Their tracks are mainly available on download, and they feature on Reverbnation (where they have held the 3rd rank), Soundcloud, Artistserver(where I found them),and Soundclick.  It would be interesting to see what they would use to perform their tracks live.


The track Deep Inside is a prime example of the right things falling into place at the right time and working. Their other tracks may sound generic at first hear but deserve more listens.   The attitude and manner in which the samples, vocals, rhythms, and blues were arranged here is what stopped me in my tracks. Just like compared to all their other albums the attitude towards Pauls Boutique stuck out in the beasties discography, Diplo with Major Lazer Guns Dont Kill People, or U2 with Zooropa this track streams like a freeverse approach to music, and sounds with devastating effects.


It starts off with chunky, dusty drum snares that tick tense, and patiently like hi-hats that rattle as if cutting the atmosphere the middle of a standoff in some dark alley.  While the 2-bar vocals come in quite wet, melodic more tonal than comprehensive, then the electric rip-roaring riff rips through everything quite loudly, brashly, and distorted yet played in a drawn out laidback blues (Jon Spencers Blues Explosion) style.

Once we get used to that the monster feedback wah waves itself in even more rudely like a tornado blowing a canopy open and keeping the lid suspended in the air, the wah horns its way over two bars, if you can think of a car horn - heard over so many repetitions that has mutated into one delayed drone  - you would be close.  The wah drone is almost a warning alarm is complimented by the end of bar vocal oh oooh oh oh that is dry, ambivalent almost giving up yet carrying a hope at the same time.

Make no mistake Arthur is on the edge of his abilities on this track Deep Inside.  And he demands the listeners be open minded and in rapture as he layers it on (see the above pic of Bradley Cooper in Limitless as this is what too much fast living does to you).  Arthur has tactically exaggerated the effects of his instruments making them larger than life while so many things are happening at once.

A the best times on Beastie’s Paul’s Boutique images in the mind sparked of wayward satellites (didn’t everything in ’89?) here I imagine unmanned worksites ,  a titled van power-steering on the edge of a cliff, an escapist at 110 miles per hour running reds with his hand on his horn (though I’d say the BPM should be between 85-95),  or even a frame of the scene of the skyline in LIMITLESS when the wind is blowing through Bradley coopers hair has he hangs suspended on the balcony viewing the landscape from his multi-story bunker, either way something has lost control.

Deep Inside this will work its way into your memory replay long when its stopped playing in real-time but in your mind the horn-like larger than life wah will have its say.

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